Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're 4!!!

I can't believe it has been more than a year since I posted on here. I don't use Jess's computer much anymore and all the pics are stored here. That's one reason. Anyway, it has been a busy busy year! Let's see, last summer what did we do? We went to ride Thomas the Tank train again. We visited Aunt Polly and Uncle Ed in Florida. Henry and Emma are in preschool - started in September. They love it!
Little gems: Emma was setting the table for breakfast and Henry didn't like the fork she put at his place so he went to get his own. Emma was putting the other fork back and said to me, "He's so demanding".
Henry loves his Grandpa and when Grandpa is home Henry wants his full attention. When he finds Grandpa at the computer he tells him to "stop doing that time sucker and pay attention to me".
I'll post pictures (that seems to be what most of you want) then if I think of something I can add it later.

We have been to Disneyland 2x, Florida 2x, San Diego and SeaWorld, the Zoo, and the beach 1x, to Indiana 4x. We are "seasoned" airplane travelers. We are in our second year of pre-school and can spell and read a little. We have a new dog, a Chi-weenie named Lola. She is 1 yr old and we are in love. For now we will post pictures to show you how much we have grown....

Monday, June 21, 2010

We are 3!!

A lot has happened since our last post. The fire department burned the house below us for a training exercise Now we think that firemen START fires instead of put them out! Needless to say we had a front row seat until the smoke got too heavy and we had to move inside. We will share pictures with you.
We celebrated our 3rd birthday quietly. We had pneumonia and were sick for about 2 weeks! But we still had fun. Henry had a Nemo birthday cake and Emma, Princess Aurora or Sleeping Beauty or Briar Rose (as she will tell you).
We have had fun playing outside and going to Anderson Island. Even on rainy days we have great fun there! Grandpa made us a sandbox for our birthday! We went down to the beach and collected all kinds of treasures - rocks (we really like agates), sea glass, crabs, shells, petting starfish and collecting all kinds of creatures. We saw a Killdeer nest - 4 little eggs that look like rocks and when you get too close the mommy Killdeer tries to get you away by pretending to have a broken wing. We also found a seal skeleton. We went to our friend's house on the island and played in the lake. The peddle boat was so much fun! Then Grandpa took us for a ride in the wagon behind the tractor. We love to ride the ferry and plan on spending a lot of time at Anderson Island this summer.
It has been very cool and rainy this past month, but we are always ready for adventure. Today we are going to our favorite park to ride our bikes around the path.
Don't even ask about Henry's haircut - he came back from his daddy's like that.
Hope you're having a fun summer! We are waiting for ours to begin (weather anyway!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring? Already?

Emma has a "crush" on TERRENCE! (I was corrected today by both of them - NOT Trevor it's TERRENCE)
and she was very shy

Wearing Momo's hi heels!

Fun at the Children's Museum

Painting at the Children's Museum

Our little ballerina

and our other little ballerina

Can't believe it's April already. We've been to Disneyland again. Had lots of fun. Emma was a little too short to ride one of the rides that Henry got to go on. She was beside herself. So she is eating lots of vegetables and drinking lots of milk so she will be tall enough next time we go.
They have roller skates, scooters and trykes. We take them down to the park by the beach and they have all kinds of fun. Last time the workers were putting up a new fence around the sand storage area (the park is built on an old gravel pit) - anyway - there was a huge mountain of sand just for the playing and did they ever have fun. Sand is their new favorite. We spent some time at our beach house on Anderson Island this week - picking up rocks and shells and seeing the starfish, lots of crabs and the bald eagles. It was a little rainy but we had enough sun and some low, low tides that we got some nice hikes in. They like to walk and explore.

Next stop -The Tulip Festival up in Skagit County - we are hoping to get there next week. If so, we'll have pics. Everyone take care and wish for warmer weather - after all it is spring!

Monday, January 4, 2010

We're 2 and a half and it's Christmas 2009!

Train Stuff - lots of Thomas and friends
A Boy and His Fire Truck

Emma loves PURPLE!

LOTS of train stuff

Everybody got a kick out of the beef!

Here's the beef!

Aaaah Christmas! What fun it is if you are 2 and a half and - especially if you get everything you asked for: beef and a sucker! But wait, there's more! The train table and all the Thomas stuff was a big hit - special thanks to the Cooks for delivering a huge amount of trains and track and other stuff to go with it! Thank you, Thank you! Scooters were a hit and we've taken them to Fircrest (rec center) to learn to ride them. And we got roller skates! Can't wait to try them down at the park. Lots of books came in on the sleigh as well and our very own copy of The Polar Express, which we like to watch in French - everyday if Mommy would let us. We were sad last night as the last of the Christmas lights and decorations went back their storage places until next year. We really liked all the outdoor lights and want to keep them. Grandpa and Momo explained that it wouldn't be so much fun if they were up every day - better to look forward to them coming out again next Christmas. We said ok but we were still sad about it. We want to say Happy New Year to all of our friends and family and hope you have a great 2010!
To see more pics of Henry and Emma - go to Suzy's blog:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

November and December is here already!

Hello! We had turkey and all the good stuff that goes with it and now we are busy busy getting ready for Santa Claus to come. We have a tree in the kitchen that is just for kids - it is decorated with lots of toys; trucks, bicycles, santas, tractors and more. We helped Momo and Granpa and Mommy put up the big tree in the living room, then yesterday Granpa got out the train that runs around the tree. What fun that is! The weather is very cold here today. We went to the Dr. this morning and got a poke (our second H1N1) so we should avoid the flu this winter. We have made 2 or 3 batches of chex mix already - one of our favorites. We made cookies to take to our friend Jack's last weekend. He has lots of toys to play with. Sometimes we go to Fircrest to play at the rec center and we see the house where Mommy and Granpa and Momo used to live. Fircrest is fun, we take our trikes and ride all around and play with balls and lots of other kids. And it's warm inside - Momo likes it cause she says we need lots of exercise. Granpa is hanging lights on our house today so Santa will be able to find us easier. Last week we went to Zoo Lights. That was fun - we've never been to the zoo at night before. There were lots of animals made of lights - an eagle soaring, fish jumping and tigers growling. We rode the carousel and came home and had hot chocolate and chex mix. We hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Christmas, we sure are!